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Welcome to www.trackmania.dk. Home of the danish Trackmania server GNU. Currently running servers on Trackmania Nations Forever and Trackmania 2. We are back after several years of intermission doing other stuff. This time we will bring you the game that was never supposed to be created: TrackMania 2 Stadium! Last time around we abandoned Trackmania as tm2 was pushed out with no plans of stadium tracks. Nadeo had new thought and did create stadium mode, so here we are again. It will take some time to bring back all things but be patient we are working very hard. While waiting go test out the new server

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1superpotatoooλмק ױ Superpotatooo star player2022-08-05 10:12:31
2spyrit74Spyrit〢sv star player2022-08-07 17:06:29
3stixhd93»S7〢Stix | мр star player2022-04-16 22:32:16
4divided1Divided ! star player2020-02-12 20:03:00
5sykomorOpgnu star player2019-01-08 22:05:33
6aloha93รтøя๓2021-07-06 16:32:53
7franc9Franc9 αѕχ2022-08-04 13:00:27
8bjarturh2v NDK]Brooney[דс〤 star player2022-02-07 21:23:51
9duffy07Duff star player2022-03-28 18:41:38
10underscorepoy PoY2020-04-26 00:19:26


1xioxoixvsp.min'ғ pad star player2021-08-27 18:57:41
2bjarturh2v NDK]Brooney[דс〤 star player2021-10-08 22:03:24
3knuty_νѕс! Sense¡ star player2022-07-03 18:19:36
4stixhd93 Stix〢sv2021-12-01 23:56:49
5f3luxτһεҒΣζμχ''2022-04-14 11:40:44
6runner1994厶ア»20+Runner〢sv2021-08-13 18:38:00
7maak037Maak2021-11-14 17:15:17
8bruhn44ZalTraX«2022-03-22 22:37:16
9forest_iωаѕρ.n-Layr2021-07-27 19:56:02
10zaorakzAo star player2021-07-13 22:34:19

GNURANK™ (70k)

1nazgulaarsדс〤Иα'ĠυυΙ2019-11-02 13:56:23
2angecideAngecide2022-06-03 22:16:46
3wtgeorgebaderdubilen2021-03-30 11:58:51
4j2_56j2_562022-07-24 21:51:47
5simon_0916Dr.eXmade2020-11-10 13:06:52
6superpotatoooλмק ױ Superpotatooo star player2022-08-15 11:55:17
7bjarturh2vNDK]Brooney[דс〤 star player2019-08-31 21:31:43
8axl94石頭ŞŦŌŋέД942022-01-30 18:27:38
9supremmasterSupreme.2021-12-09 20:10:31
10pallolloPallollo star player2021-12-22 20:57:44

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1(+119)brolissuperbrolissuper2017-11-26 20:59:54
2(-1)princess_lucyZ4 star player2019-01-22 07:48:56
3(+31)sniff91 〖ÐMÐ〗Sniff912019-07-19 14:42:28
4(+116)kmasutra!Ќαмα.2020-04-25 15:10:12
5(+115)valdemar.novaldemar.no2017-11-26 21:00:07
6(+114)raidermaster98ЯaiiÐ2018-07-20 00:45:50
7(+113)9500tv The FLASH2019-07-20 15:37:14
8(-1)ativalIcePepper.Atival 2018-02-01 13:36:24
9(+111)noddy95noddy952019-07-19 14:42:53
10(-6)frodon37tea422019-04-17 22:10:25


1(+8)princess_lucyZ42019-01-22 09:48:24
2(+221)clad51360Kirito513602020-05-16 14:23:45
3(-2)vekuaaavekuA © star player2020-05-04 17:33:18
4(+219)wajamѽम」मП2018-08-05 05:52:58
5(-3)dyntex 〜丫PLEU〜 〘DYnTeX〙2017-10-03 18:41:36
6(+14)rital31ヅわ::CvR::Rital 31 2020-05-13 23:21:53
7(-4)baapt3 〜丫PLEU〜 baapt3 star player2017-10-05 19:33:46
8(+215)daleekidaleeki2019-04-30 21:57:12
9(+214)ch3rubCҺєrμβ272018-07-24 23:09:58
10(+213)pups4711KillerFrosch2019-04-30 21:59:14

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